Category Management
& Store Clustering

Retail assortment is arguably a store’s greatest source of competitive advantage, driving customer loyalty and supporting brand positioning. That’s the upside. On the downside, it is also the single largest cost in terms of inventory, store replenishment and operational variability. Despite its criticality and complexity, too much of portfolio management is conducted through educated guesswork. Many retailers possess only a high-level view of their portfolio performance.


  • Matching assortment mix/range with the sales demand
  • Store clustering upon customer’s voice
  • In-store product availability
  • Space/shelf optimization
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2 - 5%

Sales Increase

2 - 3%

Margin Increase

30 - 40%

Store Inventory Reduction


  • More Satisfied Customers:
    • Customer preferences as one of the key inputs for store clustering
    • Assortment tailored to local Store’s DNA

  • Optimized Assortment-Mix:
    • Optimized space allocated for product category
    • Improved on-shelf product availability

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