Case study:

Advanced Analytics & Data Science


eObuwie is the one of the market leaders of e-commerce footwear sales in Central Europe present in more than 20 European countries through almost 30 retail innovative stores and over 20 websites. Its assortment offer includes over 80,000 products from over 450 different brands. In addition to footwear, the offer also includes bags, accessories, and recently under the Modivo brand- also the most apparel offering.


The goal of the project was to create a data warehouse and develop managerial dashboards allowing for the Product and Sales departments.

  • Data volume.
  • Legacy process reported in manual excels.
  • Significant company development over the years.
  • Product master data in different systems.
  • Increasing data complexity (more brands, store and products, …).
  • Number of data sources.

“Today our purchasing and omnichannel sales are relying heavily on data facts, which can streamline operations. Thanks to Pronos we were able to develop our analytical tools with a short period of time, not compromising on quality. Pronos is not only an BI Expert team, but posses huge retail acumen, which is a considerable factor once defining new way of reporting in the company."

Wiktor Miernik-Zdanowicz
BI Project Manager, Deputy Purchasing Director


  • Unified KPI across the organisation.
  • Visibility on previous decisions on promotions and sales.
  • Day to day analysis of sales, purchases, allocation.
  • Availability to analyse stock in stores and in the central warehouse.