Consultancy and IT services are only as good as the delivery team.
At Pronos, we have a team of proven and experienced retail domain experts on board.
Please check where we could assist you in optimizing your supply chain processes and tools.

Digital transformation & Consultancy Services

Our management and business consultants are working with retailers to help them addressing their biggest challenges and digital transformation programs. We facilitate business optimization and performance boost through technological innovation, strategy development and supply chain process changes.

Product Development

Pronos specializes in building bespoke applications tailored for Retail Verticals helping them to achieve their digital journey faster. Whether you need beautiful, eye-catching mobile application or super effective system to maximize the effectiveness of your internal teams - our experts can run needs discovery sessions, design and implement end-to-end solution at superior quality. We can then hand over the system to your IT department or take care of the maintenance and support.

Software Design & Development

Our multidisciplinary development team specializes in designing and building complete cutting-edge solutions targeted at retail and e-commerce companies striving to expand their offerings and boost their efficiency. We work with mature and modern technologies thus we can make the right choice depending on your needs and IT ecosystem. We are certified Microsoft and Oracle Retail partner.

Data Science and Analytics

Our business intelligence & data science team is focused on helping retailers unleashing the potential of dozens data sources by transforming them into actionable decision-making frameworks. Whether you start your journey with data warehouse and reporting, or you want to expand into the field of AI and Machine Learning - Pronos can bring in our technical and architecture expertise coupled with retail flavour. Let us help you making the best use of your data.

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